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Simply Elegant Window Treatments For Your Living Room

Your living room can be an eclectic space. It may serve double duty as your family and entertaining room. As such, the décor should be multi-functional. However, that doesn't mean you have to go all-casual. Instead, start with your window treatments to create a simple but elegant backdrop for your living room activities.

Neutral Roman Shades

As lifestyle expert Martha Stewart points out, minimal can be more chic when it comes to window treatments. Her magazine describes using white Roman shades for light control in a bay window. Neutral-colored Roman shades can be used for any windows in your living room to provide a minimalist backdrop. You could choose shades of white, gray, or beige. It's also possible to hang natural-fiber shades, such as bamboo or matchstick, for a similar effect. Such window treatments are ideal for window banks and bay windows, both of which require a lot of drapes because they recede into the background when rolled all the way up.

Chic Café Curtains

Café curtains aren't for the kitchen alone. These half-curtains hang midway down the window while leaving the upper part open. Many styles are bright and cheery, and this could work for your living room, too. However, you could also select subtle shades made out of sophisticated fabrics such as linen or even silk. Café curtains offer some light control and privacy without obstructing the view.

Simple Swag

If light control and privacy aren't a big issue with your living room, consider hanging a simple swag at the top. With a swag, you start with a curtain rod or a set of tiebacks at the top of the window. The swag simply hangs over the rod or tieback in an attractive arc. As with the above options, you could choose neutral colors in sophisticated fabrics. However, because the swag offers such a minimalist profile, you could use it to add a pop of color in your room.

Graphic Panels

Even with larger window treatments, your drapes don't have to be subtle to be elegant. You can add visual interest to your décor with curtain panels featuring graphic prints. There are so many options in prints. However, if simplicity and elegance are your goals, looks for large graphics over small ones—the latter can look busy. Likewise, consider monochromatic panels, such as blue on blue, for a chic effect. However, bold black and white curtain panels can offer a modern backdrop to your living room, too.

Decorate your living room with elegant touches, starting with your choice in window treatments. For additional advice, contact a company like Cameo Draperies & Blinds.