Finding Unique Pieces For Your Home

Three Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home With Picture Frames

Picture frames can do more than just showcase treasured family photos. With a few creative touches, you can use picture frames to make unique design statements in your home. Use the following ideas as inspiration, and create a new look for your home with frames.

Children's Art Gallery

Use the artwork your children bring home from school to adorn your walls. Choose brightly colored picture frames to coordinate with the colors in each piece of art, and have the artwork professionally framed with matting. The frames should all be the same size to create a cohesive look. Hang the frames in a single row in your hallway, or place them in a unique arrangement above the sofa in your living room. You can also frame smaller pieces of art to decorate each child's room. As your child gets older, begin switching out pieces of older artwork for newer creations. This will give your wall gallery a progressive look, chronicling your child's progress as an artist over the years.

Light Switch Framing

You can create an upscale, elegant look for your home by adding picture frames around your light switches. Choose picture frames sized to fit the space around each outlet, and opt for bold colors to make a statement. Frames with intricate scroll work in jewel tones can complement both modern and vintage design themes, while designs with clean lines and simple silhouettes offer a contemporary look. You can use this idea for dimmer switches and even for digital thermostats and home security panels.

Framed Shelves

Simple wall shelves can look plain, even with decor items displayed on them. Instead of hanging simple shelves with no adornments, consider placing the shelves in the middle of empty picture frames. The frames add depth and dimension to the wall, and they also create a stunning border for your decor pieces. For example, if you'll be placing a large vase on a shelf, choose a tall frame that is slightly taller than the vase. When the frame is in place, it will create a border that brings a three-dimensional art element to the room. You can choose frames that are the same color as the shelf, or you can have them painted to match the wall for a bespoke look.

Picture frames can be used in a variety of creative ways, and the only limit is your imagination. Visit your local arts and crafts store to find picture frames for sale, get inspiration, and create your own framing projects that bring extra beauty to your home.