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Have A Large Backyard? Get Help With Lighting To Make The Space Look Incredible

Purchasing a home with a large backyard gives you so much potential to use the space. If the previous homeowners did not do much with the entire backyard, you may have a bland and featureless space that you can transform into something that your family will love for many years.

A lack of lighting may prevent the backyard from being attractive and functional, so you should get help from landscape lighting design professionals to illuminate the most important features.

Fire Pit

When you go into the backyard to test out your fire pit at night, you may realize that the light produced by the fire is not enough to illuminate the surrounding area. So, while your family and friends may be able to make do with the available light, you will benefit from adding light to nearby areas such as underneath the fire and the seating area to help everyone walk around.

Bringing light to the fire pit is important because you need to make sure that you are able to clean the space of any landscape debris and start the fire carefully.


As soon as you exit the back door, you may be in your backyard patio. This is another space that you will want to illuminate well so that you can use the space comfortably. Also, you can look forward to a strategical lighting setup turning the entire patio into an attractive feature.

If you do not have a covered patio, a landscaping lighting professional may suggest setting up several poles on the patio edges to string lights across the entire space. When you do have a covered patio, you can let experts use the covered portion to attach lights around the space.

To make sure that the patio is easy to access from anywhere in the backyard, you may want to add several tall lamp posts in the surrounding area to illuminate all the pathways. These lamps will also illuminate nearby plants, which will help you showcase beautiful trees and flowers.


While you may be able to bring some light to the trees in your backyard with tall lamp posts, you should consider installing lights with the sole purpose of illuminating the trees. When you add a light below a tree that faces upward, you can put the whole tree from top to bottom on display.

When you want to make your backyard safe, functional, and attractive, you will benefit from relying on professional help to work on landscape lighting.