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Decorating Your Baby's Nursery? How To Safely Display The Wall Decor

If you're planning your baby's nursery, you probably have plans to hang decor on the walls. Custom wall decor is the perfect way to complete the design of your baby's nursery. But, you need to take care when mounting the decor onto the walls, especially around the crib. Here are some safety tips for you to follow now that you're decorating the walls in your baby's nursery. 

Keep Things Out of Reach

When it comes to planning the wall decor for your baby's nursery, make sure you keep things out of reach. Your baby might not be able to grab things right now. But, that will change quite quickly. Hanging wall decor too close to the crib can cause serious problems once your baby is old enough to stand up and grab things. When planning the placement for the wall decor, aim higher on the wall. That way, your baby won't be able to touch them, even when they get older. 

Go Beyond the Nails

If you're going to be hanging wall decor in your baby's nursery, think about the fasteners. Many people choose ordinary nails for their wall decor. That choice might be fine for other areas of the house. But, for the nursery, you need to go beyond the nails. Once you have the nails in place, apply velcro-type fasteners to the back of the decor. The additional velcro-type fasteners will hold the decor in place.

Avoid Glass Covers

If you're going to hang wall decor above your baby's crib, avoid anything with glass covers. If the decor falls off the wall, the glass can shatter. If that happens, your baby may suffer serious cuts. If you do choose framed art, replace the glass with a sheet of plexiglass instead. That way, you don't need to worry about shattering glass. This is especially important if you live in an area that experiences earthquakes. 

Leave Some Space

Finally, when it comes to hanging wall decor above your baby's crib, you want to leave some space. If you have your baby's crib resting flush against the wall, move it out a few inches. Leaving a small amount of space between the wall and the crib will help to avoid problems should the wall decor fall off its fastener. 

Now that you're personalizing your baby's nursery, don't forget about safety. Use the tips provided here to ensure safety when hanging the wall decor like custom name signs for nurseries.