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4 Ways To Increase Kitchen Storage Without Adding New Cabinets

While using your kitchen, you may find that it no longer satisfies your needs regarding storage capacity. Adding more storage is an easy and reliable solution, but you may not want to add more cabinets. This makes it important to get creative by figuring out other storage solutions.

Learning about certain remodeling projects and focusing on them for the remodel will help you increase storage capacity enough to feel satisfied with the outcome.

Walk-In Pantry

If you have enough empty space in the room, you may want to add a walk-in pantry that can give you floor-to-ceiling storage. Being able to store ingredients, non-perishables, tools, and small appliances from the bottom of the pantry to the top will give you so much storage to utilize.

The great thing about a pantry is that you can design and organize it in many ways. For instance, you can add a countertop to gather and prepare things before bringing them to the cooking area.


Replacing the countertop in the kitchen is worth doing because you can install one with a larger lip. By creating a bit of extra counter space, you will have an easier time storing things such as jars or small appliances along the back of the countertop. Normally, you may not like to keep too many of these items on the countertop, as it may create limitations with food preparation.


While windows may not provide storage in the traditional sense, you can get your kitchen windows to provide storage space by replacing them with the garden type. This will give you a large glass shelf that protrudes from the kitchen, where you can store all sorts of things.

Many homeowners use garden windows to put potted herbs and plants on displays, as they will get a ton of sunlight to thrive. You can even place a stack of recipe books on this kind of window because you will not have to worry about them getting wet or dirty while preparing food. 


With enough space in the middle of the kitchen, you can get a remodeling company to make a custom island that suits your needs perfectly. When making storage a priority, you can look forward to remodelers adding storage space that you can use on every side of the island.

Although installing new cabinets is a reliable way to get more kitchen storage, you do not need to use this method because you can take on any of these other projects to accomplish your goal. For more information about kitchen remodeling, contact a local remodeling contractor.