Have A Large Backyard? Get Help With Lighting To Make The Space Look Incredible

Purchasing a home with a large backyard gives you so much potential to use the space. If the previous homeowners did not do much with the entire backyard, you may have a bland and featureless space that you can transform into something that your family will love for many years. A lack of lighting may prevent the backyard from being attractive and functional, so you should get help from landscape lighting design professionals to illuminate the most important features. [Read More]

Three Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home With Picture Frames

Picture frames can do more than just showcase treasured family photos. With a few creative touches, you can use picture frames to make unique design statements in your home. Use the following ideas as inspiration, and create a new look for your home with frames. Children's Art Gallery Use the artwork your children bring home from school to adorn your walls. Choose brightly colored picture frames to coordinate with the colors in each piece of art, and have the artwork professionally framed with matting. [Read More]

Four Reasons To Stage Your Home When Selling

When selling your home, chances are, you are looking to both sell quickly and for the highest price point possible. One of the best ways to make this happen is to stage your home. Here are four reasons why: Show Off the Layout: There are many situations in which a homeowner isn't using the layout of their home in the traditional way. While there is nothing wrong with this, it could be a bit off-putting for home buyers. [Read More]

Want Your Remodeled Kitchen To Be A Chef-Friendly Place? What Finishes Are Best?

If you've spent far too long dealing with a less-than-functional kitchen, you may be excited to finally schedule a full kitchen remodel. But while kitchen finishes that don't stand up to heat or moisture may seem counterintuitive by design, there are a number of popular finish options that may leave your newly-remodeled kitchen no more functional than your old one--or, worse, show visible signs of wear and tear after just a few prepared meals. [Read More]