Want Your Remodeled Kitchen To Be A Chef-Friendly Place? What Finishes Are Best?

If you've spent far too long dealing with a less-than-functional kitchen, you may be excited to finally schedule a full kitchen remodel. But while kitchen finishes that don't stand up to heat or moisture may seem counterintuitive by design, there are a number of popular finish options that may leave your newly-remodeled kitchen no more functional than your old one--or, worse, show visible signs of wear and tear after just a few prepared meals. [Read More]

Baby Talk: Why You Should Call Your Interior Decorator For Your Baby's Room

If a new baby is coming, you may be in a tizzy getting ready for your new arrival. There are many items that you may need in order to prepare for a baby including baby clothing, receiving blankets, and diapers. When you are piling so much in the household, it can start to become cluttered. One of the things that you need to remember when bringing a baby into your home is that there needs to be some order to the chaos. [Read More]

How To Use Your Window Treatments To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Keeping your home comfortable during summer and winter can be a challenge, especially with the rising costs of energy to power your home's heater and air conditioner. With the use of window treatments and window blinds, you can help keep your home more comfortable during each season's extreme temperature variations. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this. Summer Window Tips Your home's windows provide you with sunlight during the day and a beautiful outside view, but can also allow solar heat gain to enter your home and heat it up. [Read More]

Simply Elegant Window Treatments For Your Living Room

Your living room can be an eclectic space. It may serve double duty as your family and entertaining room. As such, the d├ęcor should be multi-functional. However, that doesn't mean you have to go all-casual. Instead, start with your window treatments to create a simple but elegant backdrop for your living room activities. Neutral Roman Shades As lifestyle expert Martha Stewart points out, minimal can be more chic when it comes to window treatments. [Read More]